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Our Partners

Ayton Global Research is a leading cosmetic research agency that specialises in global consumer studies to help support your product claims. Our team of experienced study design consultants work with clients to provide bespoke advice on research designs, ensuring that all objectives for the research are met.

We understand the importance of research accuracy and timely delivery, which is why we have developed bespoke software that allows study sponsors to easily submit research requests, view study progress and extract key research data in real-time. 

Our team of experts and dedicated study managers will guide you and your team through the entire research process, educating and advising your team – big or small to achieve your research objectives. With a database of over 650,000 panellists, profiled in over 300+ profile questions, we’re bringing our clients closer to their consumers whilst representing those that have been previously under-represented.

We have a global presence and can conduct research in multiple languages and cultures, giving our clients a truly global perspective on customers’ expectations. Accurate, reliable, and actionable results are paramount – and our research will help give you confidence to make proud, bold claims on your products.

Campo Research Group with EthnoBotany Biodiversity, Botanical Collection, Growing, Harvesting and Extraction and Processing of Natural Product Chemistry in both Bulk multi-tonnage and Research & Development bench-scale quantities of Natural Colors, Natural Plant Based Preservatives, Natural Active Ingredients such as Kinetin, Songyi Mushroom, Pearl Extract, Co-Enzyme Q10, DMAE, Alpha-Lipoic Acids, and many new novel Bio-Phyto based Molecules for the Cosmetic and Personal Care Industries.

Campo Research facilities are strategically located in Brazil, India, China, Malaysia, and in the United States, to service the Cosmetic and Personal Care Industries with Unique Natural Green Active Ingredients.

Mintel is the expert in what consumers want and why. As the world’s leading market intelligence agency, our analysis of consumers, markets, new products and competitive landscapes provides a unique perspective on global and local economies. Since 1972, our predictive analytics and expert recommendations have enabled our clients to make better business decisions faster. Our purpose is to help businesses and people grow.

Mintel’s beauty and personal care research solutions cover five intersecting areas: consumers, innovation, markets, trends and competitors. With millions of data points across ten beauty and personal care categories, a celebrated team of expert analysts and the latest tools, technology and analytical approaches, we can deliver the knowledge and insights you need to inform and guide your marketing strategy.

From quickly understanding all there is to know about a category to identifying the whitespaces where your products and brands can play and win, our beauty and personal care intelligence will set you up for success.

We are the global consumer and sensory research agency that fights ordinary innovation for the world’s leading brands.

We combine genuine sector expertise and industry-leading consumer research solutions, to support truly memorable experiences for consumers.

MMR is where sensory science meets creative research – to deliver real commercial impact.

We’re experts at product reformulation, genuine innovation and sensory analysis, and we support executional areas such as ranging, pricing and promotional research.

Andrew Wardlaw, Chief Ideas Officer, says that ‘when most products in market are great, product superiority is harder to achieve. Instead, we must turn our attention to total user experience. What can we do to ‘peak’ interest in particularly memorable ways? Assume that everything matters!’