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Our Partners

Black Swan Data’s mission is to enable companies to be more decisive, act at speed and get to market first. We achieve this by scientifically predicting consumers’ future needs, wants and desires through the application of AI to the world’s largest record of actual thought and behaviour – the internet.

Our proprietary tools allow us to surface emerging trends and predict changes in consumers earlier and more accurately than anyone else. We combine this intelligence with deep industry expertise to provide products and services that answer strategic marketing questions and deliver better business outcomes.

Founded in 2011, we employ over 250 ‘Swans’ worldwide in offices from London, New York, Los Angeles, Cape Town and Budapest.  We were recently recognised as one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies by the FT and work with pioneering brands from clients including PepsiCo, Unilever, Mondelez, McDonald’s and Google.

Solésence is an exciting new product manufacturer that develops award-winning, patent-protected, environmental protection beauty products for both global and indie brands.

Our market-ready white label and custom developed beauty solutions deliver best-in-class, mineral-based environmental protection via our proprietary Active Stress Defense™ technology — a one-of-a-kind UV, pollution, IR, and blue light shield that boosts anti-oxidants and quenches free radicals — to give brands the newest innovation in skin health.

Our innovation efforts also involve generating novel formats for environmental protection products, including gel creams, sticks, and foams. Our white label products come in a variety of textures, from primers and CC creams to lip kits and cushion compacts, and follow the latest market conversations and claims to keep your brand trending and your product offerings diverse and fun. With world-class manufacturing assets and product marketing insights, we then help you bring these exciting products to life!