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08.30 Coffee, Registration & Informal Networking

09.00 GIC Welcome & Chair’s Opening Remarks

Jo Chidley, Co-Founder, Beauty Kitchen

Clean Beauty: Develop Beauty Products Which Tick Consumer, Formulation & Regulatory Boxes

09.10 From Concept To Market: Deliver Clean Products & Formulations Which Benefit Consumers

  • As the demand and ability to make products more personal and specialised increases, keep pace with the products consumers really want to ensure commercial success
  • Formulate to maintain the core functionality of a product whilst adding additional, potentially reactive components that consumers are demanding
  • Tech, Apps or AI? How can personalisation be made more accessible to consumers and what data is available to determine how tried and tested novel methods are?
  • Does individuality compromise legality? Explore considerations surrounding compliance in personalised products

Erika Monsallier, Principal Formulation Team Lead, Skincare Technologies, Oriflame

Natural Product Success | Panel Discussion & Q&A

09.35 Formulating For Success In Natural Beauty, Cosmetics & Skincare

  • As more consumers demand natural, clean, organic, vegan or free-from products, how can we overcome technical hurdles regarding stability, functionality and expiration to deliver high-performance, high-profit products which fulfil claims and regulations?
  • How can we overcome misconceptions or cater to consumer demands? How can we walk the line between the two?
  • Navigate perceptions of natural to truly tap into the trend: is naturals the future paradigm of formulation or do synthetic ingredients still have a place in cosmetics?
  • In and around the product: considerations for packaging of natural products to mitigate potential interactions with a host and consumer perceptions
  • How can you achieve product consistency when working with natural ingredients which vary in quality, functionality and fragrance?

Gamu Mawora, NPD Technologist Beauty, Holland & Barrett

Quentin Chauve, Sales Director, Spectrums Europe

Emma Heathcote-James, Founder, Little Soap Company/Eco Warrior Soap

Product Development

10.05 Rational Formulation Design: Approaches towards formulating with fewer ingredients

  • Multifunctionality vs. multiple product skincare routines: how can R&D methods be adapted for both ‘one product fits all’ vs. targeted, tailored formulations?
  • Cut ingredients and not corners: as many move towards formulating with fewer ingredients, how can products maintain the same efficiency and results?
  • How to speed up R&D while satisfying consumer demands to get products to market quickly

Majella Lane, Senior Lecturer & Director of the Skin Research Group, University College London

10.20 Morning Break With Informal Networking

Case Study

10.50 How Can The B2B Industry Adapt To This Using Digital Tools?

Susanna Groth, Marketing, Chemberry

Jasmine Shah, Product Manager, Chemberry

Marketing Vs. Science: Consumer (Mis) Communication | Panel Discussion & Q&A

11.15 Bridge The Gap Between Marketing & Science & Communicate With Consumers For Products & Campaigns Which Don’t Compromise On Science Or A Marketing Angle

  • Science fact or science fiction: expose miscommunication between formulators and consumers to go beyond the marketing message and improve public understanding of good skincare and beneficial ingredients
  • Inform consumers and challenge perceptions: as consumers become more demanding and directed by influencers, how can science and innovation regain the top spot for directing formulation and NPD?
  • Make a stand against the tide of misinformation in the industry to ensure that consumers are clear on cosmetic regulations and what is and isn’t allowed to overcome the disconnect between the science in the product and what consumers perceive

Florence Adepoju, Founder, MDMflow

Abigail Burton, New Product Development Manager UK, Avon

Daniel Campbell, Senior Cosmetic Scientist - Product Design, Lush

Maylis Joppe, Former Vice President Innovation Excellence, Coty


Brexit – What Has Happened & What Do I Need To Do?

11.45 Iain Brunning, Head of Cosmetic Safety & Regulatory Affairs (Europe), Exponent International

 Consumer Trends

12.00 Capitalise On Driving Forces & Macro Trends & Create Successful Consumer-Focused Products

  • Improve methods to collect and leverage consumer data and behaviours for insights into what makes your customer tick
  • Translate consumer trends and insights into successful product formulation
  • CBD, sustainability, anti-ageing, multi-functional, blue light, gender neutral… consumers demand more from products, what is new and exciting?
  • When science isn’t driving the industry; tap into the latest consumer psychology for strategies which influence purchasing

Jo Chidley, Co-Founder, Beauty Kitchen

12.30 Lunch For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

 Regulations & Claims | Panel Discussion & Q&A

13.40 Keep Pace With Evolving UK & International Regulation For Compliant & Compelling Labelling & Claims Substantiation

  • Proactive steps to tackle Brexit uncertainty around UK and EU legislation and changes in trade
  • China, the US and new, emerging markets – keep pace with regulation updates globally for successful international product launches
  • From halal, to free from, to anti-ageing, substantiate claims on pack to keep up with evolving consumer preferences
  • What are the prerequisites to making claims? How can we then effectively test to support claims with clinical evidence?

Lauren Kempen, Product Technologist (Skincare, Suncare & Mens), Marks and Spencer

Ashwini Wasalwar, Regulatory Affairs Manager, Shiseido Americas Corporation

Capucine Martin-Phipps, Senior Scientist, Scientific Communication, Oriflame


Sustainability & Packaging | Double Perspective

14.10 From Ingredients To Packaging To Formulation Waste: Go Beyond Greenwashing To Reduce End-To-End Environmental Impact & Convey Your Green Credentials To Consumers

  • A norm not a new? As the trend of the moment, what can be done to improve sustainability in formulation to retain eco-conscious consumer markets
  • Beyond concept and creation, as awareness of environmental footprints increase, does more emphasis need to be put on biodegradability of products and how can this be done?
  • Balance sustainable, recyclable packaging with the sleek look and brand image that the beauty and cosmetic industry demands
  • Re-think single use, what is the potential of re-fills? Examine where this might be appropriate and highlighting the biological challenges to watch out for

Elsie Rutterford, Co-Founder, BYBI Beauty

Reinventing The Cosmetic Market With A Revolutionary Ingredient!

14.40 Reinventing the cosmetic market with a revolutionary ingredient!

  • Disruptive Materials AB Overview
  • Upsalite®: Invention, properties and value in color cosmetics
  • The Science Behind Upsalite®: Well documented safety & efficacy data
  • Upsalite®: Clean Beauty Alternative
  • The Future for Disruptive Materials and Upsalite®

Mary Sundborg, Head of BU Cosmetics, Disruptive Materials


14.55 Microbiomes Updates: From Regulation To The Environment, Explore The Future Of The Microbiome

  • As more and more people become aware of the microbiome, what certifications are emerging surrounding formulating for the microbiome and what does it mean to be ‘microbiome friendly’?
  • Explore the host and environmental interactions with the microbiome and active or reactive states which can help or hinder the microbiome
  • Determine the right overall microbiome strategy when microbiomes are as individual as DNA
  • Will microbiomes continue to become more prevalent in the beauty industry?

Ahmad Khodr, Ph.D, Lead Scientist, L’Oréal Research & Innovation

15.25 Afternoon Break With Informal Networking

Colour Cosmetics & Covid-19: A Test Or Triumph?

15.55 Covid-19 & Colour Cosmetics: A Test Or Triumph For Scientific Communication?

•   New skincare and beauty formulations for this new reality? With shifting mentalities, and an acceleration of vegan and natural products, ensure you are hitting the mark with your design and formulation products for sky-high engagement
•   What are the new expectations for CCS formulation performance, and how do CCS formulations need to adapt to deliver them?
•   Discover the novel opportunities for claims substantiation test methods and what this means for scientific communication strategies
•  A digital focus in a now virtual world: position your brand on top with engaging and effective scientific communications which market new products and innovations for social and digital apps

Michelle Mangan, Scientist, Scientific Communication - Cosmetics, Oriflame Research and Development Ltd.

Skin Protection

16.20 UVA and UVB Protection: Insights Into The Latest Consumer SPF Concerns & How Brands Can Formulate To Meet Their Needs

  • As urban consumers become increasingly aware of exposure to pollutants and blue light, what are new and successful ways of formulating to protect against potential harmful effects?
  • Meeting demand for multifunctionality: how to successfully incorporate SPF into ‘go-to’ daily products to exceed consumer expectations of UV protection
  • What are the latest trends in anti-ageing? What are consumers looking for and what are current key formulations to achieve this?

Nataša Simonič, Product Development, Technologist Skincare, The Body Shop

16.45 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close Of Conference

Jo Chidley, Co-Founder, Beauty Kitchen