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21 Speakers Including Coty, Charlotte Tilbury, M&S & Body Shop Take To The Stage At The Beauty & Skincare Formulation Conference

Brand-Side Insights Into The Latest Active Ingredients, Raw Materials, Natural & Consumer Trends For Successful, Consumer-Focused Beauty, Cosmetics & Skincare Formulations & Products
Harness The Latest Trends & Innovations Around New Ingredients, Naturals, Anti-Ageing, SPF, Anti-Pollutants, Packaging & Microbiomes, Upscale Your NPD & Get To Grips With Advances In Technologies & Testing - Whilst Guaranteeing Regulatory Compliance
A Brand-Led, One-Day Conference & Networking Event, 27th June 2019, Millennium Gloucester, Central London

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 GIC Welcome & Interactive Voting Introduction & Chair’s Opening Remarks
Rhea Cartwright
Head of Buying & Retail Operations
Fern Skin Clinic


09.20 Identify & Incorporate The Latest Active Ingredient Trends To Produce Value-Adding Formulations Which Fly Off The Shelves

  • Active ingredients and excipients… where do they go and how do we measure them?
  • What are the latest active ingredients which could seamlessly fit into a company portfolio?
  • Harness the latest active ingredients and raw materials to combat the banning of D4, D5 and D6 and continue to deliver winning formulations
  • It’s all well and good jumping on the bandwagon, but what can we do to try and pre-empt the latest ingredient trends and get a jump on the latest craze?
  • With so many ingredients at risk of being blacklisted, what can and can’t be used moving forward? And what are the best multi-functional agents we should be looking to as replacements?

Majella Lane
Senior Lecturer & Director of the Skin Research Group
University College London


09.40 Understand The Hottest Industry Trends Around Natural Ingredients & Consumer Perceptions & Deliver Winning Products Which Meet The Regulatory Guidelines

  • What are the hottest natural ingredients, replacements and industry trends that are set to become a viable replacement for silicone in the future?
  • What is actually meant by “natural” across the board? How does that industry definition potentially differ with consumers’ perception?
  • With a veil of ambiguity around the COSMOS-approved list of what constitutes a natural ingredient, how are other companies working to the guidelines to deliver high-performing products with high naturality?
  • Best-in-class strategies for calculating organic formulas to claim that something is as organic or natural as it can be

09.40 Perspective One
Jo Chidley
Beauty Kitchen

10.00 Perspective Two - The Future Of Natural Beauty
Gamu Mawora
NPD Technologist – Ethical Beauty & Aromatherapy
Holland & Barrett

10.20 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

10.50 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


11.20 Ensure Your Products & Brands Are On-Trend & Resonating With A More Savvy Customer Base

  • Assessing the driving forces behind consumer purchasing decisions… are trust and brand perception more important than knowledge of the ingredients to the modern consumer?
  • With customers becoming more aware of what’s going into their products, what steps should brands be taking to better convey honesty regarding claims and labelling?
  • The trend is not the end! Advanced strategies for substantiating the latest trend, integrating it within your NPD process and ultimately transposing ideas into finished goods
  • A look to the latest customisation trends and products for bespoke skincare – what does the future look like in this space?

Lauren Kempen
Product Technologist (Skincare, Suncare & Mens)
Marks and Spencer

Kerri Fidler
Senior Manager Own Label Beauty, Toiletries, Baby, Healthcare & Non Edible

Fanny Dubois
Principal Front-End-Technology Chemist
Oriflame Research & Development


11.50 Charcoal Toothpaste: Waving Consumer Experiences With Traditional Treatments & Trends

Marita Alegre
European R&D Director
Church & Dwight


12.10 Delve Into The Differing Perceptions Of Anti-Ageing Products To Gain An Advanced Understanding Of Your Consumers’ Needs & Deliver Suitable Products

  • What are the latest trends around anti-wrinkle ingredients? What are consumers looking for and what are ingredient suppliers currently working on?
  • Evaluating the newest natural active ingredients to help combat different facets of anti-ageing and advice on selecting the right one(s) for your product
  • Exploring the discrepancy between consumer and chemist perceptions of “anti-ageing”… are we delivering what they expect from their skincare products?

May Hamid
Argan Liquid Gold


12.30 Anti-Pollution: Blue Light & Indoor & Outdoor

  • A comprehensive introduction into the effects of pollutants on skin, both indoor and outdoor
  • Anti-pollution claim substantiation: strategies around anti-adhesion testing and block of fine particles
  • Gain an advanced understanding of ex vivo testing on blue light exposure and how it impacts skin

Jeanette Berdos
Senior Product Development Chemist
The Body Shop

12.50 Lunch For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.20 Specialist Interest Discussions & Networking Zones

A) Vegan
Jay Ranaweera
Technologist – Beauty
Tesco PLC

C) Evolving Packaging & Design

Rachel Parsonage
Managing Director
KMI Brands – Noughty

B) Product Claims
Marta Azarpour
Regulatory & Technical Coordinator
Aromatherapy Associates


Lorna Mitchell
Product & Brand Director
KMI Brands – Noughty


E) Colour Cosmetics

F) Happiness & Wellbeing

G) Personalisation

13.50 Chair’s Opening Remarks


14.00 Get Ahead Of The Competition & Guarantee Compliance With Best-Practice Approaches To Regulations, Labelling & Substantiating Claims

  • How are other manufacturers preparing for a hard Brexit? What is likely to happen regarding the European labelling and regulations moving forward?
  • How can smaller players continue to formulate quality products and compete with the bigger players in the face of raw material restrictions and the cost of testing?
  • What extra claims can (and should) we be adding, now that demand has increased for products including SPF and actives?
  • Safeguard your claims from just being marketing buzzwords by ensuring certain ingredients in your formulations genuinely impact the finished product

14.00 Perspective One
Kim Lahiri
NPD & Product Manager
Absolute Aromas Ltd

14.40 Perspective Three
Addoo Sakaria Mukhtar
Global Regulatory Technologist
Crabtree & Evelyn

14.20 Perspective Two
Jonathan Reynolds
Senior Regulatory Manager
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty

Plus! Regulatory Innovation & Getting Comfortable In The Grey Areas


15.00 Practical Strategies To Cut Down On Plastic Usage & Use More Recyclable Materials In Your Packaging Solutions

  • What’s the lay of the land? Get to grips with plastic-free packaging trends across the industry and the solutions other organisations are looking at
  • A look to the latest developments within sustainable packaging and the manufacturing processes behind them to lower the environmental impact
  • Practical steps your organisation can take to make the jump to non-plastic and satisfy the green requirements of your consumers

Aimee Nottingham
New Product Development Manager
Bulldog Skincare For Men

15.20 Bonus Session Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

15.40 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


16.10 Explore The Latest Trends & Ambiguities Surrounding Microbiomes To Convey Honest & Positive Benefits To Consumers

  • What are the current trends within microbiomes across the skincare industry?
  • How are everyday beauty products that we’re currently selling and using affecting the microbiome? Can we know for sure that preservatives in the product aren’t killing off a particular species of microbiome?
  • Strategies to integrate microbiomes into different skincare products and educating consumers about the benefits they can provide

Kit Wallen-Russell
Co-Founder & R&D Director
JooMo Ltd


16.50 What Pearls Of Wisdom Can larger Organisations Pass Onto Smaller Companies Looking To Scale Up?

  • Practical approaches to planning the scaling-up process from bench scale to pilot scale
  • Overcome the common challenges faced when growing laboratories or manufacturing
  • What advice could be given for smaller companies looking to shake up the market with an innovative product range or ideas to compete with the big players?
  • Advice on the end-to-end process of getting a product to market quickly, from initially identifying trends through to substantiating all the necessary claims
  • How have other organisations managed the internal culture shift after a speedy growth period?

Imaa Saghir
Industrial Chemist (Face)

Kerstin Meyer-Lipp
Senior R&D Director


17.10 Get To Grips With The Latest Technological Advances To Get The Most Out Of Your Testing Equipment, Ingredients & The Hottest Trends

  • Leverage technologies to translate the latest trends into an effective product
  • What’s able to be tested? Keep abreast of advances in technologies and equipment to ensure you’re at the cutting edge of testing prowess
  • Best-practice advice on correctly substantiating claims when product testing
  • What are the latest processes and technologies which can test and evaluate the newest actives? With the ingredients evolving so rapidly, how can we ensure we’re keeping up on the testing front?

Speaker To Be Announced; Please Check Website For More Details

17.30 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks & Official Close of Conference